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Press Release: FIELDS exhibition

Fields Logo by Martins Ratniks

The exhibition "Fields - patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations" will open on May 15th at Arsenals Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art. FIELDS, jointly curated by Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits and Armin Medosch will show work by app. 40 artists and is part of Riga 2014, European Capital of Culture. You find the full announcement and press release below.

And the coolest Scientist of the Year is .... Luc Steels

And the award for coolest scientist of the year goes to .... Luc Steels. The author of the Talking Heads Experiment played a gig with cover versions of the Talking Heads, Vienna April 15, on the occasion of the conference of evolutionary linguists ... and, ah, by the way, who said evolutionary linguists can't dance. Watch this video via Google Plus. Have to apologize for the poor sound quality, which is due to the Asus Google Nexus being unable to cope with live gig loudness. The poor filming is entirely my own fault ;-)

In Memory of Alan Sutcliff

This was the invitation for Event One, March 1969, created by computer artist, Alan Sutcliff, who recently passed away.

In Memory of Alan Sutcliff

Die Zukunft im Rückspiegel - von der Geschichtlichkeit der Kunst mit (neuen) Medien

Braucht Medienkunst eine Geschichte? Ausgehend von der Konferenz Media Art Histories, Riga 2013, und einer Reihe von Interviews für die Sendung "Braucht Medienkunst eine Geschichte?", ORF Ö1, Radiokolleg, 27.-30.Januar 2014, wirft dieser Artikel einen inter-subjektiven und polyphonen Blick auf die Geschichtlichkeit von Kunst und Medien.

Technopolitics in a Nutshell: Commented Reading List on Key Categories

This article presents in overview form some of the key categories of Technopolitics together with essential reading. Technopolitics is a project that has began as a collaboration between Brian Holmes and me on these pages in 2010. Since 2011 a Technopolitics working group exists in Vienna. There is a lot of additional material which you can find spread out over Thenextlayer, so I thought for newcomers its time to collect a few basic references.

Radiokolleg - Braucht Medienkunst eine Geschichte?

In dieser Sendung folgt Armin Medosch den Windungen der Doppelhelix aus Geschichten der Medienkunst und der Geschichte der Medien im sozialhistorischen Kontext.

A Canadian Story - Railways, Telephones, Satellites, an Interview with Robert Adrian X

Robert Adrian X is one of the true pioneers of art as telecommunications. This file presents just a few random samples from an interview with him about the need for a history of media art. Bob mixes his thoughts about the meaning of communications with his memoirs about working those technologies from the late 1970s onwards. The beginnings were characterised by the specifically Canadian situation, a vast country that needed telecommunications to keep its ends together.

audio file: 

Contradictions of a Tiger Cub, Part I

Video sequence taken during recent Vietnam trip. What strikes me is the contradicition between Vietnam's apparent dynamism, allegedly having joined the club of fast growing economies as a 'tiger cub' - in reference to the other Asian 'tiger economies' such as Taiwan, South Korea or Thailand - while at the same time this catching up modernisation process starts from a very low level.

Check out this river view of a village between Can Tho and Cai Be, in the Mekong delta.


In a two stop lecture tour I will be talking about New Tendencies in Zagreb on December 6th and in Ljubljana on December 7th. Here I share the abstract for the Ljubljana talk and links to the event websites.

Radio Ankündigung - Kunst, Wasser, Information: Das Messschiff Eleonore und die A-I-R Reihe Fieldwork

Office of Experiments Spomenik

Zweiteiliges Kunstradio zu Eleonore, Franz Xaver und der A-I-R-Reihe Fieldwork. Mit Franz Xaver, Shu Lea Cheang, Neal White, Hayley Newman. Auf Kunstradio, ORF Oe1, 03. und 10.11.2013.

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