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Turkey’s Hard Democracy: An Interview with Andrew Arato

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After Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's Justice and Development Party (AK Party, or AKP) took office in 2002, many liberal intellectuals in the field of international relations and political science were convinced that Erdoğan's leadership could prove that Islam and democracy could coexist and that his leadership would result in a more functional democracy in Turkey. This prediction has already failed. However, five years ago, in 2010, Professor Andrew Arato ...

The Tragedy of the 2015 Turkish Elections

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The November 2015 election brought a landslide victory to the Justice and Development Party (AKP), increasing its vote almost nine points in 5 months. This surprising comeback would be hard to explain in an ordinary situation where such drastic shifts in voting in a short time period would not be expected. However, it is very difficult to accept the notion that the November election in Turkey was an ordinary election or that the election was fair and free, given the political ...

After the Victory of The Law and Justice Party

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Karl Marx famously claimed that history repeats itself twice, first as tragedy, then as farce. Sadly, the recent parliamentary elections in Poland seem to show that actually the opposite can happen as well. Although the 2005 parliamentary victory of the Law and Justice (PiS) party ended in a short-lived coalition with two small parties -- both representing different flavors of the populist right -- quickly swept away by scandals, this time PiS will govern alone ...

Drag o’net

Dekspace -

In advance of making a start on MAZI (SPRING 2016) YT has visited groups on Deptford Creek to appeal for participation and confirm their early support for the offline network development projects in mind. So far the proposals have been … Continue reading →

Neoliberal B Team Win Canadian Election

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The decisive defeat of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government was the big news of the 2015 Canadian election. Harper resigned as party leader, and the dirty laundry of his heavily controlled campaign is now being aired publicly. The Harper reelection campaign drew deeply on racist and Islamaphobic politics, attacking a Federal Court of Appeal decision that the government could not ban a woman from wearing her niqab to the Canadian citizenship ceremony ...

Romanian Tragedy, Romanian Miracle

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On Friday night a heavy metal concert at a downtown Bucharest night club burst literally into flames, as a spark from a pyrotechnic display set off a conflagration that caused panic and pandemonium among the roughly 400 young people trapped inside. Over thirty people were burned to death, and hundreds more suffered injuries. The shock spread quickly. So did the outrage, and the indignation. I am very lucky to have many dear friends in Bucharest ...

Twenty Years after Rabin’s Death: The Oslo Illusion

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Mahmoud Abbas made headlines last month when he announced in the U.N’s General Assembly that the Palestinians would no longer “continue to be bound” by the Oslo Agreements. He had warned that he was going to drop a “bombshell,” but given that Oslo has been dead for several years already, the significance of the dramatic announcement was difficult to make out. The New York Times reported on the speech in a front-page headline, but its lead article then suggested ...

The “Moderate” Contribution to Campaign Extremism

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Not content to run John Boehner out of office, the most extreme members of the Republican caucus tried to scuttle plans to elect Randian conservative Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House because they found Ryan too “left wing” for their tastes. "Do you know how crazy this election is?” candidate John Kasich moaned on Tuesday. “What has happened to our party? What has happened to the conservative movement?" ...

Replication Problems in Psychology: Crisis, Tempest in a Teapot, or Opportunity?

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In late August 2015 an article appeared in the New York Times with a loaded headline: Many Psychology Findings Not as Strong as Claimed, Study SaysThe article reported on a recent publication in the journal Sciencewhich raised important questions about the extent to which findings in psychological research are replicable . This is an important issue, since replicability is considered a hallmark of the scientific method. If findings cannot be replicated, the trustworthiness of the research becomes suspect. ...

On the Other Side of the Berlin Wall

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It was a colleague, Jonathan Bach, who discovered that Trebor Scholz and I, both currently associate professors at the New School, happened to be serving in the German military 25 years ago -- but on opposite sides of the wall! As such, he brought us together for the Enter Ghost Symposium, giving us an opportunity to reflect on our experiences in the trenches of the Cold War ...

Winter is Coming for Refugees in Germany

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It’s getting cold in Germany. It’s actually hard to believe that it has only been weeks since warm images of the “good” German went around the world, of thousands of people welcoming even more thousands of refugees with food, toys, and clothes at train stations throughout the country. It was only a few months ago that Angela Merkel transformed from the dictator of financial austerity into “Mother Angela,” who welcomed every refugee stuck in front of Budapest’s ...

Pizza Rat, a Totem of Our Time

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For a brief moment in late September, New York City had a new celebrity: Pizza Rat. This furry character -- either endearingly repulsive, or repulsively endearing, depending on your sensibility -- appeared in most of our social media feeds after a quick-fingered commuter snapped the rodent dragging a large pizza slice down the stairs of a typical, filthy subway station. This image quickly became one of those solicitous figures in a seemingly endless supply of ...


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