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For those collating archive materials, scanning images, artwork and transposing texts there are anxieties on protection of the accumulating material and representing it in context. Last month we set up a Synology diskstation 212j a twin drive NAS product to … Continue reading →

Daft drudger

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Over a decade of webhosting and subscriber support at Deckspace we have from time to time faced difficulties. The last week of August was a shock to the system as scheduled migration of subscriber domains went badly and it’s taken … Continue reading →

Call for International Solidarity against War in Rojava

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Women's Initiative for Peace urges ALL women’s organizations struggling for peace worldwide to launch actions and organize demonstrations on Sunday, September 28th (and if this date is too early, any time before or on October 1st) wherever you are located. 

The images of Kurdish female fighters of YPJ have been widely circulated in various media covering the war against Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) in Rojava. Celebrated for the bravery, the Kurdish female guerrilla force has been the forefront in the struggle against patriarchy and against the Islamic State's targeting, slaughtering and enslaving of women. The women in Rojava, who are not only fighters, but also peacekeepers, leaders, or simply women, are much more than figures that terrify the IS gangs, who believe that they won’t be rewarded with heaven if killed by a woman in battle. They stand for a hope for a different form of governance in the region. Yet, Rojava now is facing a massacre. IS gangs has besieged Kobanê on three separate fronts. ...

Kobanê Under Siege

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Öcalan calls for mass mobilization as suspicions of Turkey’s support for the Islamic State rise and attacks on Kobane in Syrian Kurdistan continue.

For over a week the Kurdish town of Kobanê in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) has been under severe attack from the Islamic State (IS). The attack commenced on September 15, when thousands of IS fighters supported by dozens of tanks and heavy artillery attacked Kobanê on three fronts. Thus far, the IS advance has caused tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds to leave their homes in the villages surrounding Kobanê and seek refuge in either the city itself or across the border in Turkey.

Thanks to the brave resistance of the local Kurdish YPG/YPJ militias (the People’s and Women’s Defense Forces), IS has been unable to capture the town. ...

Manufacturing Victory

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These days people generally think of Detroit -- with its vast expanses of abandoned real estate that have given rise to the photographic genre known as ruins porn -- as the place where modernity went to die. But for a good chunk of the twentieth century, Detroit was the boomingest of boom towns. In the ten years after the introduction in 1913 of the modern moving assembly line in the automobile industry, Detroit's population doubled to nearly 1 million. In the 30 years following that, it doubled again to become the nation's fourth-largest city and one of its most affluent, especially for the working class. An important chapter in that story was the turning of the Motor City's manufacturing might to arms production during the Second World War when Detroit came to embody the slogan "Arsenal of Democracy." ...

Can I be a Pragmatic Pacifist?

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This is a gently updated version of a post I originally published in Deliberately Considered. I post it now, thinking about the latest chapter of the never ending story of the war on terrorism.

I remember struggling with this question as a young man. Subjected to the draft during the Vietnam War being a very early and precocious opponent to the war, I tried to convince myself that I was a pacifist. Wanting to avoid conscription, I read the writings of Gandhi and A.J. Muste. I looked into the pacifist activities of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Although I realized that making the claim of being a Jewish pacifist would be practically difficult, I wanted to explore possibilities. ...

Palestinian Cinema and the Lived Experience of Occupation

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“One thought alone preoccupies the submerged mind of Empire: how not to end, how not to die, how to prolong its era. By day it pursues its enemies. It is cunning and ruthless, it sends its bloodhounds everywhere. By night it feeds on images of disaster: the sack of cities, the rape of populations, pyramids of bones, acres of desolation.”

– J. M. Coetzee, Waiting for the Barbarians

The world is falling apart in Gaza. There is nothing more banal than that statement. There is also nothing truer. “Operation Protective Edge” has claimed close to 2,000 lives in its month long bombardment of Gaza. ...


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Visited Wikimania festival in Barbican Halls to update on all thinks wiki, Wikipedia and ‘the culture’. It’s been a while now since attempting to use the tallbastard account set up in 2007 though that’s now an ‘unsuitable username’ so had … Continue reading →

Canon fodder

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Spent today skimming domestic tasks and sorting out failed starter on my vintage Honda CR-V. Yes it’s one of the green ones with a wheel on the hatch door. Hard as nails but suffering from my handling and the traffic … Continue reading →


Brian Holmes Continental Drift -

Las Cuencas como Laboratorios de Gobernanza
Autoorganización e interdependencias

11 al 26 de julio 2014

Alejandro Meitin, Silvina Babich (Ala Plástica), Brian Holmes, Sara Lewison (Grupo Compass), Graciela Carnevale (El Levante), Steve Kurtz, Lucia Sommer, Steve Barnes Melissa Meschler (Critical art Ensamble), Joan Vila Puig (Sitezise), Eduardo Molinari (Plataforma La Dársena), Fabiano Kueva (Centro Experimental Oido Salvaje), Mauricio Corbalán y Pio Torroja (m7red).

Artistas nacionales e internacionales que trabajan en prácticas territoriales en América y Europa desarrollarán  una investigación que tomará la forma de acciones urbanas nómadas y diálogos relacionados con las comunidades del frente fluvial en la franja costera del Río Paraná y del Río de la Plata; una aglomeración urbana,
industrial y agrícola que incluye al macro-sistema de humedales del delta paranaense, al estuario del Río de la Plata y a las ciudades de La Plata, Buenos Aires y Rosario. En este proyecto autogestionado por 3 nodos La Plata, Buenos Aires y Rosario y los 2 Sub-Nodos Delta y Victoria, el equipo compartirá sus experiencias con invitados y referentes locales de comunidades de base en sus propios escenarios complejos, para promover herramientas y acciones orientadas a desarrollar una nueva imaginación ambiental y geo-política partiendo de preguntas tales como ¿Quién diseña los territorios? ¿Para quién los diseña?, ¿Qué es el diseño de la integración territorial?, ¿Qué quiere decir ecología humana?, ¿Cómo incluirnos en el tejido ecológico en tanto seres humanos?,¿Qué ejercicios de imaginación política son necesarios para salirnos de las redes de monocultura y monocultivo? ¿Son la Pachamama y la Tierra sin Mal meras ensoñaciones? ¿Qué agenda política se oculta detrás del régimen de visibilidad en la actual gobernanza de la región?

Proyecto co-comisariado por Alejandro Meitin de Ala Plastica, Maurico Corbalán de M7red ambos integrantes de Nodo Sur del Ecuador Politico y Teddy Cruz del Centro para Ecologías Urbanas de la Universidad de California San Diego


Nodo La Plata
Productores Familiares del Delta Santiago, La Grieta, IHAAA-FBA-UNLP, Síntoma Curadores, Vivero Experimental El Albardón, Cooperativa de Productores de la Costa de Berisso, Cambio Rural – INTA

Museo Quinquela Martín, Programa de Artistas de la Universidad Di Tella, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Cooperativa Los Mimbreros

Nodo Rosario
Taller Ecologista, Programa de Agricultura Urbana, Taller de Comunicación Ambiental, Tallet Flotante, El Paraná No se Toca, Centro Cultural Parque España, Centro Ecologista Renacer, Red Delta del Paraná


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