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Poetic Router, the Internet of poetry

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The small blinking plastic boxes that forge a connection with the digital world (and the upcoming Internet of Things (IoT)) have become ubiquitous in private houses, in much the same way as analogue TV sets were a few decades ago. Their pivotal role in connecting the architectural inside with the outside is often technically challenged by artistic works that reprogram their inner functionality. Saurabh Datta works along these lines in “Poetic Router,” but with a different purpose. He creates a slick “middleman router” connecting to home routers and other connectable devices he finds and monitoring their traffic to servers. Then he scrapes the data, downloading the server’s html pages. Finally he generates poems through a created corpus, reciting them aloud with speech software and through a connected FM radio. Reminiscent of early experiments such as Radioqualia’s Free Radio Linux, this machine can be a prototype of the automatic poet-in-residence, implemented in routers as an advanced feature.


  • Poetic Router

    Kasper T. Toeplitz & Anna Zaradny – Stacja Nigdy w Życiu

    Neural -

    LP – AussenRaum

    Stacja Nigdy w Życiu is the LP debut for the duo of Kasper T. Toeplitz and Anna Zaradny. They are respectively a composer and a musician of Polish origin. Toeplitz is one of the most important personalities of the new Polish Avant-garde, while Zaradny is an instrumentalist (saxophone and computers) with an inclination to a sophisticated and complex performativity. Toeplitz is skilled at giving life to hieratic sound improvisations, suspended in sidereal abstractions, backwashes and wheezes. Here the bass is played with a bow connected to several midi controllers and an iPad, as well as using a gong, several microphones, an FX pedal and a small mixer. There are two compositions included in the album, one on each side of the vinyl published by AussenRaum – “Jamais” and “Never” – and the intriguing texture in perpetual mutation will captivate any listener.The breath theme seems to be one of the hidden inspirations of the project, where it refers to feedback and to the restlessness of every condition of existence. This is also indicated by the title (never station in life), in search of a model that isn’t written, nurturing a non-composition that seems to come from nowhere. This is the centerpiece of this collaboration on the pure sensation of tone. In the performance held in January 2016 at the Centre National de Création Musicale of Bétheny – in France – and masterfully filmed by Gilles Pate, the participatory tension of the two experimenters is glaringly obvious. It is almost a cult of salvation which is embodied in the live, where the cohesive bodies of the two celebrants tackle the precarious experience that oozes from an almost private setting, intimate and shared only with a small audience of “affiliates”, jointly responsible for sharing and taking part in a true audio-healing ritual.


    Kasper T. Toeplitz / Anna Zaradny


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