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Affirmative Consent and Neoliberal Bodies

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I am writing this with great relief as the “crisis” of sexual assaults on college campuses in New York State has finally been addressed through affirmative consent, or “yes means yes” legislation from Governor Cuomo. Having worked for years as the director of a college-based women’s center, having helped write a university policy to address sexual assault on campus, and having counseled many students who were victims and at times perpetrators of sexual misconduct, I am stunned and thrilled that years of complicated work can now be quickly and easily remedied with a single syllable -- yes. ...


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Walter Benjamin has a reputation as a sophisticated reader of literary texts. But perhaps his media theory is not quite ...

Real Friends of Brazil

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“Brazil,” The New York Times believed in 1964, “is a desperately sick country. The present struggle is simply to see who is ...

Insurance Companies, Health Care, and You

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I recently filled out a “Health Assessment” form for my employer and insurance company.

I was queried not only about my diet, exercise, and existing medical conditions. I was also asked about how happy I was at work, if I approved of my boss’s performance, whether I worried about money, and if I had received any recognition from my community in the past year. The computer -- the computer! -- wanted to know if I had smiled and laughed the previous day.

This Orwellian scenario is meant to mimic an in-depth relationship between my primary care doctor and me. ...

Slaves: The Capital that Made Capitalism

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This post, adapted from a lecture in the team-taught course "Rethinking Capitalism" at The New School for Social Research and first published last year, is being reposted today to provide critical insight into today's headlines. Slavery was central to the development of the American political economy. Ott reviews the recent scholarship that shows how it came to be that Black lives haven't mattered. ...

The Ethics and Politics of Responsible Belief

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Prior to his death in June 2007, Richard Rorty turned his attention to religious belief and its place in the public sphere. Rorty had long been presenting himself as the “village atheist” in the domains both of academic philosophy and public intellectualism: he viewed religious belief as the most pervasive form of false metaphysical comfort, and as a political “conversation stopper” that is ineluctably at odds with the sort of foundationless liberal democracy he championed. But late in his career, perhaps due to the influence and criticisms of fellow philosophers Jeffrey Stout and Gianni Vattimo [1], he began to soften his position ...

Action timed, envisioned..

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Despite the numerous claims raised by UK councils and GLA to establish public wireless service for all, few examples have made it out of the boardroom and even then, fall to commercial pressure or operational chaos before long. We are … Continue reading →

On Wendy Brown

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Different scholars get curious about different things. It turns out that I’m curious about rather different things to Wendy Brown. ...

Growing up under Different Skies

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I stand before you with more questions and contradictions than answers. I have chosen to speak of growing up “under different skies” because that was my destiny. What I don’t know is whether such a biographical accident sheds a very different light on growing up or whether it is more of the same with just greater geographical movement than in most young lives.

When I wrote a quarter of a century ago my intellectual autobiography of life between Europe and America, which was published in French, I wanted to entitle it The Hybrid, for in my mind hybrid plants were healthier and stronger than their monogenetic varieties, better equipped to resist the shocks of dangerous or indifferent environments. My publisher would not hear of it for hybrids in her mind were the equivalent of biological bastards, so she imposed upon my book the catchall title of Entre deux mondes, “between two worlds.” Perhaps hybrids do fall between two stools after all. ...


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