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scents, sounds, objects - to help get into the zone

Lost Music

My research today took a poetic wander. In thinking about the electromagnetic environment and how 'on land' we are submerged in modulated mumblings, my thoughts turned to the electromagnetically silent world of the deep, a world where radio and light don't penetrate, a world that can only be felt through other senses; the skin, the emotions, sound. Today I started looking at the Titanic.

Titanic Hull

This is a picture (2004) taken of the hull of the Titanic 92 years after she sunk. The wreck lies at approximately 3,500 metres below the surface of the water, which is the same distance as the tops of some alpine peaks. This very beautiful and peaceful photograph along with a selected few other relatively hi-res images can be found at the Boat Shed

All photographs by Robert Ballard, the original diver discoverer of the Titanic wreck. The image was retrieved from the above link.

Titanic Hull

John Cage: Silence and Silencing

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Three Receivers

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A Proposal for a Multi-Relational Aesthetics

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Musicology: Early British Bands and Music Hall artists

This is an image of a youthful Billy Reid, well known in the 1930ies as bandleader of Billy Reid and his piano accordion orchestra. Billy started out as a boiler maker apprentice in the Southampton docks.

Anyone who can bung me some tunes from Billy is very welcome.

Arthur Lloyd website

Music Hall performers: this site has also some audio tracks and images.

A discography but no samples

Felicity and Box

These two were spotted at an industrial techno night at The Cage Club creating dance-floor crime with the likes of Sketchy Pete and friends. The Cage is an ultra dingy backstreet den that shares the building with an inspired set of neighbours such as lapdancing and gay clubs, and of course The City Function Suite, the tacky but hip venue for the city's art scene.

Felicity and Box
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