Forrester, Advertising and Consumer Market

This is a graph by Jay Wright Forrester from his book Industrial Dynamics, showing the expected time (in weeks) that must be allotted for distribution from the factory to wholesalers, retails, and ultimately the public (on the right side of the graph) as well as the time to be allotted for advertising to be planned, executed and achieve its end, namely the creation of "effective demand" for the product (left side of the graph).

Forrester, Advertising and Consumer Market

Guattari’s Schizoanalytic Cartographies

This piece by Brian Holmes contains some useful analysis of information as postmodern myth of rational control. I also blog this as a reminder to myself to that I have to read Lewis Mumford soon. The Guattari things I am less interested in, as for example Brian choses to overlook the failure of Guattari's radio project in Paris and, a bit mistakingly I suggest, calls it a tactical media project.

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